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Xilinx is a supplier of programmable logic devices. Xilinx sells both FPGAs and CPLDs programmable logic devices for electronic equipment manufacturers in end markets such as communications, iindustrial, consumer, automotive and data processing.

Xilinx  provides two CPLD lines, the CoolRunner and the 9500 series. Each model series has been released in multiple generations since its launch.

CPLD chip is a typical IC series that difficult to break in the chip decryption industry and in the research field for breaking CPLDs, there not have been very efficient and reliable programs all over the IC breaking industry.

But now, The MCU Breaking Institute have achieved important results in the field of XILINX  Chip decryption and we are able to provide quality IC code extraction for most of the typical XILINX CPLDs.

Here, we have listed the CPLDs that The MCU Breaking Institute can break,welcome to contact us if you have a need to develop XILINX CPLD IC Break.

CoolRunner-II Series CPLD IC Break
XC2C32A   XC2C64A   XC2C128  XC2C256  XC2C384   XC2C512

CoolRunner-XPLA3 Series CPLD IC Break
XCR3032XL  XCR3064XL   XCR3128XL   XCR3256XL   XCR3384XL

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