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SST IC Attack

SST is a leading provider of nonvolatile memory solutions with product families that include various densities of high functionality flash memory components and flash mass storage products. SST  non-memory products include NAND controller-based products, smart card ICs and modules, flash microcontrollers and radio frequency ICs and modules.

Anyone who want to remove lock bits from SST series ICs, please contact The MCU Breaking Institute to learn more about our IC attack services. Since the institute established, we have been focusing on breaking the various types of ICs and MCUs and are able to provide MCU, CPLD, FPGA, ASIC and Custom ICs Code Extraction.

Now, The MCU Breaking Institute is the most authoritative institute in the chip decryption industry. The following are the typical ICs that we are able to attack successfully.

SST65PXX Series IC Attack

SST89CXX Series IC Attack
SST89C54 SST89C58  SST89C58RC

SST89EXX Series IC Attack
SST89E516RD SST89E516RD2  SST89E554
SST89E554RC  SST89E564RD  SST89E58RD

SST89VXX Series IC Attack
SST89V516RD  SST89V516RD2  SST89V52RD
SST89V52RD2  SST89V54RD2  SST89V554RC
SST89V564RD  SST89V58RD2

SST39VF Series IC Attack
SST39VF1682 SST39VF1681 SST39VF6402B SST39VF6401B
SST39VF6402 SST39VF6401 SST39VF3202 SST39VF3201 SST39VF1602

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