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Dallas MCU Code extraction

Dallas Semiconductor, now a subsidiary of Maxim Integrated Products, designs and manufactures analog, digital, and mixed-signal semiconductors (integrated circuits, or ICs).

In the research of dallas series MCU Code extraction, The MCU Breaking Institute now achieve a breakthough and can provide efficient and reliable breaking program. Following are the MCUs of dallas series that The MCU Breaking Institute can attack, if you have a need to remove lock bits from MCUs, welcome to contact us to get more information.

DS2482-100   DS2442   DS2490   DS2480   DS2460
DS2450   DS2441   DS2438   DS2437   DS2436
DS2435   DS2434  DS2433 DS2432  DS2431
DS2430 DS2423 DS2422 DS2417 DS2415
DS2413 DS2411 DS2409 DS2408 DS2407
DS2406 DS2405 DS2404 DS2401 DS1990A ,
DS1991, DS1205, DS1994, DS1993, DS1992 ,
DS1982, DS2502, DS1995 ,DS1985, DS2505,
DS1996, DS1986, DS2506, DS1920, DS1820,
DS1983, DS2503, DS1971, DS1954, DS1955,
DS1963S, DS1963L, DS2436, DS1921, DS1822,
DS1973, DS1904, DS18B20, DS2890, DS2760,
DS1961S, DS1977, DS1922, DS1923 DS28CN01,
DS28E01-100, DS1963S?DS87C520 DS87C250
DS89C530 DS87C2520 DS87C320 DS8958A DS89C21

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