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In response to the customers’demand, The MCU Breaking Institute involved in the NEC  MCU Crack research in the late phase. Rely on our engineers research, we can provide MCU Code Extraction for some typical ICs of NEC series.

Here are the ICs that The MCU Breaking Institute is able to crack successfully, anyone have ICs to break please contact us directly.

UPD78F9534 UPD78F9532 UPD78F9234 UPD78F9232
UPD78F9522 UPD78F9521 UPD78F9222 UPD78F9221
UPD78F9511 UPD78F9510 UPD78F9212 UPD78F9211
UPD78F9210 UPD78F9202 UPD78F9201 UPD78F9200

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