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Intel MCU Attack

At present, The MCU Breaking Institute can provide a safe and reliable MCU Code Extraction for most of the INTEL series MCUs. The following is a list of the ICs that we are able to crack, if you have IC break/MCU crack/MCUs to attack,welcome to contact The MCU Breaking Institute directly.

87XX Series MCU Attack
8741 8741AH 8742 8742AH 8744
8744H 8748 8748H 8749 8749H
8751 8751BH 8751H 8751H-8 8752BH
8796BH 8796JF 8797BH 8797JF 8798

D87CXX Series MCU Attack
D87C151SA D87C151SB D87C194 D87C196CA D87C196JQ
D87C196JR D87C196JT D87C196JV D87C196KB D87C196KC
D87C196KD D87C196KQ D87C196KR D87C196KS D87C196KT
D87C196LA D87C196MC D87C196MH D87C198 D87C251SA
D87C251SB D87C251SP D87C251SQ D87C42 D87C51
D87C51FA D87C51FB D87C51FC D87C51GB D87C51RA
D87C51RB D87C51RC D87C52 D87C54 D87C58

D87LXX Series MCU Attack
D87L42 D87L51FA D87L51FB D87L51FC D87L52
D87L54 D87L58

D87CXX Series MCU Attack
D87C51 D87C52 D87C54 D87C58 D87C51FA
D87C51FB D87C51FC

D87C196XX Series MCU Attack
D87C196KC D87C196MC D87C196MD D87C196MH

D89C196XX Series MCU Attack

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