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We are a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), providing cost-effective, world-class assembly services, local support� and dedicated to helping our customers successfully deliver products to their markets and customers. Our mission is to solve electronic assembly problems for you.

Benefits & Advantages
 Local support, close to you, your markets and customers
 Cost-effective, world-class assembly facility in ShenZhen, China
 Responsive and flexible to meet unique customer needs

We provide local support with cost-effective pricing via off-shore manufacturing
We are about 150 people strong with 3 fully automated SMT lines, TH capability, AOI, ICT and capacity for over 1 million assemblies annually.

Others,We use high-end technologies and equipment to perfect the technique of IC code recovering (extracting code from MCU, DSP, PLD, CPLD, FPGA, AVR). So up to now, we are able to crack various types of Chips such as ATMEL, CYPRESS, EMC, DALLAS, Freescale, HOLTK, INTEL, MICROCHIP, PHILIPS, SAMSUNG, Silicon, SST, STC, TI, WINBOND and so on.

MCU Crack, IC Attack, Code extraction from MCU, FPGA, CPLD, PAL, ASIC and Custom ICs
MCU Crack, IC attack, MCU Code extraction, MCU break, Chip decryption, Our services include the code extraction from secured microcontrollers, PALs, PLDs, CPLDs and FPGA.

Reverse engineering of semiconductor-based products can broadly take several forms:
* Product teardowns identify the product, package, internal boards, and components of 揹ownstream� consumer products.
* System-level analysis analyzes operations, functions, timing, signal paths, and interconnections.
* Process analysis examines the structure and materials to see how a device is manufactured and what it is made of.
* Circuit extraction involves delayering to the transistor level, then extracting interconnections and components to create schematics and netlists.

Circuit extraction flow proceeds as follows:
* Package removal or device depot
* Delayering
* Imaging
* Annotation
* Schematic read-back and organization
* Analysis

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