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PCB Cloning

PCB Cloning or PCB Copying refers to the 100% cloning of the original PCB, Copying a Printed Circuit Board, Creating replacement control boards for manufacturing and processing equipment, pcb duplicating.

Research in the field of PCB reverse, Julong studio as a leader in international PCB, has been pursuing a win-win business philosophy, has never been exceeded. PCB Reverse Julong studio focused on technical research, popular technology, copied from the PCB board, PCB reform board, PCB LAYOUT, schematic design and anti-push, BOM production, Marking inquiries, IC decryption, PCB plate making, prototype welding , commissioning testing, to production through-train service. To create a unique “Made in China” provides a very lethal service model.

Hetell studio with the latest EDA design software, professional copy board technical staff and advanced technology, can be cloned single, double, multilayer (up to 32 layers) PCB circuit board, capable of blind buried PCB circuit board hole and so difficult to copy the board work, whether it is component-intensive, all over the microstrip line, and other long-term computer motherboards, high-end graphics board, Gigabit network equipment substrate, or deal with demanding high frequency, electromagnetic compatibility strict control of the PHS board, mobile board, wireless LAN and other wireless communications devices, blind hole buried hole clouds of industrial motherboards, multi-BGA multi-processor motherboards, we have completed a full range of PCB copy board, BOM parts lists chip decryption procurement, prototype debug to production welding up the one-stop service.

Hetell team will be realistic, the concept of excellence to serve every customer, full details to evaluate each item for each circuit, each of the above code does not mean that IC IC model. Assess the accuracy of BOM, can buy sex, PCB, SCH, BIN file correctness, every element of our entire product line and determine the success or failure of the entire project.

Hetell studio will provide you with more, the production of Gerber files are available, such as PROTEL99, POWER-PCB, PADS2000 etc.; and in accordance with the requirements of our customers and the secondary development of secondary design to meet all your needs.

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