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Holtek IC Crack

Holtek Semiconductor is a major Taiwan based semiconductor design centre and provider. The microcontrollers in the present Holtek range all contain a universal 8-bit RISC processor and with common features such as timers, external interrupts, power-down functions, low-voltage reset, bi-directional I/O pins etc.
Some of Holtek’s 8-bit microcontroller major device categories are listed below:
* HT48RXX I/O type series
* HT48FXX Flash I/O type series
* HT46RXX A/D type series
* HT46FXX Flash A/D type series
* HT56RXX Tiny Power A/D type series
* HT49XX LCD type series
* HT82XX Computer Peripheral series
* HT95XX Telecom Peipheral series
* HT86XX Voice series
* HT66FXX Flash A/D type series
* HT68FXX Flash I/O type series

Some of Holtek’s range of peripheral products includes the following device categories:
* HT7XX Power Management Devices
* HT93X/24X Memory Products
* HT12X Remote Control Devices
* HT16XX Display Drivers
* HT9XX Telecom Peripherals

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