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STM32F MCU attack,IC crack,ST MCU code extraction

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The STM32F is the foundation of the STM32 family. The STM32F family of 32-bit Flash microcontrollers is based on the breakthrough ARM Cortex™-M3 core, specifically developed for embedded applications. They combine high performance with first-class peripherals and low-power, low-voltage operation. They offer the maximum integration at accessible prices with a simple architecture and easy-to-use tools.

With five lines, the STM32F1xx series provides perfectly balanced products for a wide range of applications in the industrial, medical and consumer markets. The following five lines are pin-to-pin, peripherals and software compatible:

Value line STM32F100xx – 24 MHz CPU with motor control and CEC functions

Access line STM32F101xx – 36 MHz CPU, up to 1 Mbyte Flash

USB access line STM32F102xx – 48 MHz CPU with USB FS

Performance line STM32F103xx  – 72 MHz, up to 1 Mbyte Flash with motor control, USB and CAN Connectivity line STM32F105/107xx – 72 MHz CPU with Ethernet MAC, CAN and USB 2.0 OTG

STM32F Series MCU Attack:

STM32F100xCDE:STM32F100VE, STM32F100VD, STM32F100VC, STM32F100RD, STM32F100RE, STM32F100ZC, STM32F100ZD, STM32F100ZE;

STM32F100x468B-B:STM32F100VB, STM32F100RB, STM32F100V8, STM32F100R6, STM32F100R8, STM32F100CB, STM32F100R4, STM32F100C6, STM32F100C8, STM32F100C4;

STM32F101x4/6:STM32F101T6, STM32F101T4, STM32F101R6, STM32F101R4, STM32F101C6, STM32F101C4;

STM32F101x8/B:STM32F101VB, STM32F101V8, STM32F101T8, STM32F101RB, STM32F101R8, STM32F101CB, STM32F101C8;

STM32F101xC/D/E:STM32F101ZE, STM32F101ZD, STM32F101ZC, STM32F101VE, STM32F101VD, STM32F101VC, STM32F101RE, STM32F101RD, STM32F101RC;

STM32F102x4/6:STM32F102R6, STM32F102R4, STM32F102C6, STM32F102C4;

STM32F102x8/B:STM32F102RB, STM32F102R8, STM32F102CB, STM32F102C8;

STM32F103x8/B:STM32F103V8, STM32F103TB, STM32F103T8, STM32F103RB, STM32F103R8, STM32F103CB, STM32F103C8, STM32F103VB;

STM32F103x4/6:STM32F103T4, STM32F103R6, STM32F103R4, STM32F103C6, STM32F103C4, STM32F103T6;

STM32F103xC/D/E:STM32F103ZE, STM32F103ZD, STM32F103ZC, STM32F103VE, STM32F103VD, STM32F103VC, STM32F103RE, STM32F103RD, STM32F103RC;

STM32F105/107xx:STM32F107VC, STM32F107VB, STM32F107RC, STM32F107RB, STM32F105VC, STM32F105VB, STM32F105V8, STM32F105RC, STM32F105RB, STM32F105R8;

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