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TMS320F2811PBKA MCU Crack,TI DSP chip attack

TMS320F2811 devices, members of the TMS320C28x™ DSP generation, are highly integrated, high-performance solutions for demanding control applications. It is not very easy to extract the code from protected TMS320F2811PBKA devices.

Recently, We had analyzed a wide variety of chip types which are commonly used in different industries, which enable us to open the chips and extract the program inside with quick speed and accuracy. So now, for TMS320F2811PBKA MCU Crack, TMS320F2811 IC attack and other TI DSP chip attack. We can help you to extract the code from locked TMS320F2811 other TI DSP chip with quick speed and accuracy.

The features of TMS320F2811

• High-Performance Static CMOS Technology

– 100 MHz (10-ns Cycle Time)

– 60 MHz (16.67-ns Cycle Time)

– Low-Power (1.8-V Core, 3.3-V I/O) Design

• JTAG Boundary Scan Support (1)

• High-Performance 32-Bit CPU (TMS320C28x) Resolution

– 16 x 16 and 32 x 32 MAC Operations

– 16 x 16 Dual MAC

– Harvard Bus Architecture

– Atomic Operations

– Fast Interrupt Response and Processing

– Unified Memory Programming Model

– Code-Efficient (in C/C++ and Assembly)

• On-Chip Memory

– F2809: 128K x 16 Flash, 18K x 16 SARAM

F2808: 64K x 16 Flash, 18K x 16 SARAM

F2806: 32K x 16 Flash, 10K x 16 SARAM

F2802: 32K x 16 Flash, 6K x 16 SARAM

F2801: 16K x 16 Flash, 6K x 16 SARAM

F2801x: 16K x 16 Flash, 6K x 16 SARAM 80 ns

– 1K x 16 OTP ROM (Flash Devices Only) 160 ns

– C2802: 32K x 16 ROM, 6K x 16 SARAM 267 ns

C2801: 16K x 16 ROM, 6K x 16 SARAM

• Boot ROM (4K x 16)

– With Software Boot Modes (via SCI, SPI, CAN, I2C, and Parallel I/O)

– Standard Math Tables

• Clock and System Control

– Dynamic PLL Ratio Changes Supported

– On-Chip Oscillator

– Watchdog Timer Module

• Any GPIO A Pin Can Be Connected to One of the Three External Core Interrupts

• Peripheral Interrupt Expansion (PIE) Block That Supports All 43 Peripheral Interrupts

• 128-Bit Security Key/Lock

– Prevents Firmware Reverse Engineering

– Protects Flash/OTP/L0/L1 Blocks

• Three 32-Bit CPU Timers

• Enhanced Control Peripherals

– Up to 16 PWM Outputs

– Up to 6 HRPWM Outputs With 150 ps MEP

– Up to Four Capture Inputs

– Up to Two Quadrature Encoder Interfaces

– Up to Six 32-bit/Six 16-bit Timers

• Serial Port Peripherals

– Up to 4 SPI Modules

– Up to 2 SCI (UART) Modules

– Up to 2 CAN Modules

– One Inter-Integrated-Circuit (I2C) Bus

• 12-Bit ADC, 16 Channels

– 2 x 8 Channel Input Multiplexer

– Two Sample-and-Hold

– Single/Simultaneous Conversions

– Fast Conversion Rate:

- 12.5 MSPS (F2809 only)

- 6.25 MSPS (280x)

- 3.75 MSPS (F2801x)

– Internal or External Reference

• Up to 35 Individually Programmable, Multiplexed GPIO Pins With Input Filtering

• Advanced Emulation Features

– Analysis and Breakpoint Functions

– Real-Time Debug via Hardware

• Development Support Includes

– ANSI C/C++ Compiler/Assembler/Linker

– Code Composer Studio™ IDE


– Digital Motor Control and Digital Power  Software Libraries

• Low-Power Modes and Power Savings

– IDLE, STANDBY, HALT Modes Supported

– Disable Individual Peripheral Clocks

• Package Options

– Thin Quad Flatpack (PZ)

– MicroStar BGA™ (GGM, ZGM)

• Temperature Options:

– A: –40°C to 85°C (PZ, GGM, ZGM)

– S: –40°C to 125°C (PZ, GGM, ZGM)

–     Q: –40°C to 125°C (PZ)

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