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Chip failure analysis

Chip failure analysis is the failure of the products has been carried out by an ex post analysis, using a variety of test and analysis of technical and product failure analysis program to confirm the phenomenon, identify its failure mode or mechanism to determine the reasons for its ultimate failure, improved design proposed and the proposed manufacturing process to eliminate failure and prevent recurrence of failure, progressive component reliability, reliability engineering is an important component sector, the main sound failure analysis techniques

? Electrical Energy Analysis Electrical Characteristic Analysis

? Kaifeng, sample Decapsulation, Sampling

? Stress Test Stress Testing

? morphology of External Visual Analysis

? Component Analysis Composition Analysis

? Stress Test Stress Testing

Scope scope of failure analysis capabilities

? HIC Hybrid IC

? Single Monolithic IC

? Discrete components Discrete Component

? Discrete Devices Discrete Device

? PCBA PCBA Subassembly Components

? Microwave Devices / Components Microwave Device / Module

? small machine Miniature Complete Appliance

? Electrical Components Electromechanical Subassembly

? optoelectronic devices, light vacuum devices, battery … photoconducting device

Benefits resulting benefits

? progress in yield and product reliability Increase the Yield

? to correct errors in design and development of Correct the Error in Design and Manufacturing

? reduce the development cycle and reduce the development of capital Shorten the Manufacturing Period and Reduce the Cost

? a clear responsibility for product failure caused by side Make Sure the Responsibility of Product Failure

Technical upper hand Competitive Advantages

? strong research base to support the accumulation and Abundant Scientific Research Experience

? Information Industry Electronic Component Failure Analysis of the Central Electronic component failure analysis center of MII

? Failure Analysis of Information Industry Collaboration focal Sponsor of the MII failure analysis cooperated web

? take a large number of national key engineering and civil products, failure analysis and analysis of the arbitration task Much Experience in Failure Analysis and Analysis Arbitration for National Key Projects and Civilian Industry Products

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