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Lattice CPLD/SPLD Chip decryption

LATTICE CPLD/SPLD Chip decryption is the research field that The MCU Breaking Institute recently achieved a major technological breakthrough.

Lattice CPLD/SPLD Chip decryption is difficult, and many electronics engineers feel confused. To this end, The MCU Breaking Institute organized a number of technical engineers to develop CPLD/SPLD Chip decryption. At present, we have a major breakthough in Lattice IC decryption and can provide safe and reliable CPLD, FPGA, ASIC and GAL Code Extraction.

LATTICE CPLD Chip decryption
Most Versatile Non-Volatile PLD   MachXO
LCMXO256   LCMXO640   LCMXO1200 LCMXO2280

Ultra Low Power CPLD    ispMACH 4000ZE
4032ZE   4064ZE   4128ZE   4256ZE

Mainstream CPLD   ispMACH 4000V/B/C/Z
4032C  4064C   4128C   4256C   4384C   4512C
4032B   4064B   4128B   4256B   4384B   4512B
4032V   4064V   4128V   4256V   4384V   4512V

Automotive CPLD    LA-ispMACH 4000V/Z
4032V   4064V   4128V
4032Z   4064Z   4128Z

LATTICE SPLD Chip decryption
In-System Programmable GAL    ispGAL
ispGAL22V10AC   ispGAL22V10AB   ispGAL22V10AV
ispGAL22LV10   ispGAL22V10

Simple PLD   GAL
GAL16LV8   GAL22LV10   GAL16V8   GAL16V8Z
GAL18V10   GAL20RA10   GAL20V8   GAL22V10
GAL26CV12   GAL26V12

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